Moments of Grace

A long time ago I wrote about “moments of grace”. These are special moments in one’s life when for just a small portion of time we appreciate all and everything we have. My moments of grace often occur when I truly see how special and beautiful our world is. Sometimes nature stops me in my path and probably because of my faith, I feel God’s presence in my life.

I was coming home from the gym tonight after a grueling two mile jog on the treadmill. Hey….don’t make fun, at least I try. Anyway, I had sweat rolling down my face and although I’m incredibly beautiful, I don’t think even my husband would have recognized me underneath the vivid red patches covering my cheeks.

As I started up the street I noticed the brightest and clearest rainbow I had ever seen. People were stopping on the sides of the road to take pictures. Intersections were at a standstill as parents rolled down the windows for their children to see the fantastic sight. It was truly a moment of grace. It’s amazing to me how beauty unifies. Not many people are immune to the awesomeness of nature and the power it brings.

School is about to start. The craziness is about to begin. Schedules are about to be filled. Carpools are about to begin again. We will see school buses rolling down the street and kids running to their stops with book IMG_1492[1]bags. In all the chaos, we all will need to stop and take a moment to notice our moments of grace. Instead of nature, let’s focus on the beauty of our students’ smiles. Let’s be inspired by their astonishment. Let’s be motivated by their thirst of knowledge. And let us all recognize those brief moments when our children need us more than anyone else. Let us realize that we are their moments of grace. Let us all accept the fact that we are important in the lives of our students and let us accept the awesome responsibility that the role of educator gives all of us.

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