What is the world coming to? We must stop this nonsense now!

Stop judging, hating, being so intolerant and stating your prejudices openly. This culture we live in only creates more hate, misunderstandings, and violence.  We must rise above, pull together and do what is best for the good of all humankind.

I cannot believe some of the things that are being said, posted, printed, and voiced by people who are well educated and should know better.

Please join Two Teachers as we pledge to be more tolerant and less critical, more positive and less negative, more compassionate and less hateful! Let’s turn this thing around!

Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us to be better people. Pray for peace where there is so much unrest. Pray for understanding where there is so much anger and fear.

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I grew up in a small town that does not boast ocean front views or eclectic metropolitan cuisine, but I grew up very lucky and blessed. I have moved away from that wonderful town and so have most of my friends, but it remains in all of our hearts.

We learned what is was to truly help a neighbor, work hard, to praise God, take responsibility for our actions, respect our parents, and to never give up.

I was reminded of this deep connection this weekend as I visited a few of my lifelong friends. It was like we just picked right up where we left off. There was no jealousy, pettiness, arrogance, or hostility at all! None! It was just friends who grew up in the same way with the same values reconnecting.

The ironic thing is everyone we met who were friends with one of our besties welcomed us. They were so kind and open to us, and had genuineness to all of their questions and conversations. I guess real people attract real people. I felt so comfortable being so out of my comfort zone surrounded by people I did not even know. It was amazing.

The best part for me was that I was texting my new friends who are also fabulous people with pictures and funny things happening to me so far away. I must say my friends are VERY sarcastic people and love a good snarky comment. I am good at providing for them Lisa and Me Tina and Nancyan easy come back.

I think the world needs more authentic loving connections. I know there are seriously 10 people I could call at any time to ask for help and they would be there without question.

Surrounded by good people, I am truly blessed.

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The beginning of July. I’m getting restless. My mind has had time to relax, think about different things, and now…well…thoughts are creeping into my head.

As educators our minds are always moving, going, shaping, devising, planning, worrying, brainstorming, and reeling. We are always looking for better ways to do what we did. Well, they should be. Each year is different. Each classroom dynamic is different. This means that an educator’s instruction and planning must be changed, rectified, amped up, in order to meet the needs of the students sitting in the room. During the month of July, educators don’t know what the new year will bring, even if they’ve been in the same school for twenty years. Each year is filled with changes, frustrations, and challenges. This is what makes the job of educator so great. It is always different. At least that’s why I love it.

So now that July’s here where is your mind going? What are you thinking? What new book do you want to share with your class? How do you want to incorporate technology more into your classroom? How will you notice that silent student sitting in the back of your room sooner? How will you address the behavior issues in a more positive way? How will you become an instructional leader?

It’s so exciting, really. The potential of the upcoming year is electrifying and inspiring and you have some time to really dream about it. What do you want your room to look like, feel like? When will you walk into the teacher store to develop and shape your ideas? When can you get back into the building to start creating your brand new learning environment? When will you get to meet with your instructional team to start planning?

You still have some time before the craziness begins so let your mind wander. Let your mind explore. Just think of the possibilities!

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