Ready, Set….Go!

It’s time to go. It’s time to be on the top of our game. It’s time to perform, spread excitement, and bring joy to all the people that enter the doors of our school. It’s a bit of pressure. You know that children depend on you. You know that parents are trusting you with their babies. And, you know that your job is exhausting but the greatest gig in the world.

It’s time to start rushing again. You have to get to wake up your kids, feed your kids, and get them ready for school. You have to primp, dress, and look great too. It’s time to get your lessons ready, your strategies set, and your behavior management plan in place. It’s time to communicate, communicate, communicate.

And, it’s time to see the light in your students’ eyes. It’s time to look at what can be. You will pre-assess – post-assess and formative assess. You will plan, replan, adjust and brainstorm. You will become the one who can save every single child that enters your room.

It’s time to be a teacher.
Good luck and have the best year ever!

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I was talking with my mother who is in her 80’s and she was reminiscing about events that happened in her childhood. She said it is weird how thoughts just pop into her head at times and she remembers. Two stories she told me broke my heart. They were not her memories but memories of other women that she was talking to about their lives.  I thought how hurtful words and actions can have on children to where they last an entire lifetime. Do we ever really know the way our words can either hurt or encourage? I promise to work hard to say, express, and voice kindness and acceptance.

One woman was 107 years old. She was in a nursing home and did suffer with memory loss. She was able to remember way back to when she was a little girl very well though. She told the story over and over again about how her mother had died when she was very young. Although she was sad and grieved for a long time her dad remarried. She was so excited because in her mind she had a mother now. She said she ran to the stepmom all excited with her arms outstretched and the woman pushed her away, rejecting the poor little girl. Can you even imagine? The saddest part is the fact that she remembered that until the day that she died at 107 years old.

The other story was similar. The other woman said she also had a stepmother who would never show her support or genuine love like she craved. One memory that stuck in her head was when she was in the state-wide spelling bee and she overheard a friend’s mother ask if she was going to go and watch her and cheer her on. She coldly replied that she was not because she was afraid she would embarrass her by missing an easy word and making her look dumb. Once again, can you even imagine the pain she caused that little girl.

The point is that our words matter. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted. Everyone needs to feel that they belong somewhere and that someone will always think they are amazing, even when they are just an ordinary kid. With so much turmoil and poor role models these days we must as parents and educators remember that every interaction with our children matter. We want inspire good  memories; ones that make you smile when you think of them.  The world needs so much more of this and less selfishness, don’t you think?


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