Lori and I both work in the same school. This summer due to some unforeseen circumstances the school building needed extensive renovating. This caused school to be delayed for nearly a month. Teachers and students were thrilled with the additional summer vacation, but we all agreed we needed to get back to school! Luckily, administration was quick to set plans in motion to get the school ready as fast and as clean as possible.

Last week the staff and many volunteers frantically put the school and classrooms back together. The halls were lined with desks, chairs, bookcases, boxes and even painters, still painting as furniture was being moved around them. It was a rather hectic week to put it mildly.

Thursday, we had it all done as best we could; thank goodness because school officially started on Friday. All of the classrooms looked well, like classrooms. The staff room was mysteriously set up with all new tables, chairs, decorations, and snacks galore! The office was a buzz, but information got out to parents. The copier was on warp-speed with lesson plans and memos being printed at an alarming rate.

There were many parents who volunteered their time to help; they took days off from their own jobs to come in and clean, move things, set up, paint, and do whatever was needed. The ones who could not physically help sent in gift cards for teachers to purchase supplies for their rooms. Students also signed up to help. I had several invaluable young ladies who saved my life helping me to make my room look pretty amazing.

The positive energy that now permeates the hallways is inspiring. We all came together; administration, staff, teachers, parents, and students to make this school year happen. We are grateful and excited for a fabulous year.

Let the education begin!



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