A New Position and New Start

Here I am after my first week as an assistant principal and teacher. I have to say that I really am liking the switch. But, I also have to admit that I miss the kids.

Although I am still teaching two classes a day, I have only taught two classes all week because of the “janky” schedule. Every year in our school it takes awhile to get every class on the schedule up and running. We have team assemblies, all school mass, and fire drills. So Monday will be the day that we are in full swing and I get my true schedule going.

I have been extremely busy. I know….I know! Everyone in education is extremely busy the first week of school. No matter how many years we teach, the first week is always a confusing, hectic endeavor. For me, being in a new position I haven’t stopped. I think this is a combination of beginning year junk, new position junk, and education junk. It is a bit overwhelming, but fun…yes fun to learn everything that is involved in being an administrator.

My main priority is the kids then the teachers needs are a close second. What this means is no matter what paperwork I am completing – and let me tell you that although I was warned, I had no idea how much paperwork there actually is. Anyway, no matter what I’m doing, if a student or teacher is in need of anything I stop and redirect my focus. We have a lot of babies that didn’t have their paperwork for the buses completed. So with the help of all the office staff, we really had to hustle to get our students on buses, forms filled out, and transportation figured out. This was a daunting task and it included a lot of running around the school looking for students, teachers, and siblings.

I feel that the teachers are the “talent” in the school. They are the people that ensure we succeed in our educational goals. Their problems have to be solved and addressed immediately. I know how it feels to not be in the know (for whatever reason). Clarification and strong explanations are needed. I have made it my mission to make clear communication happen. Email is my new best friend. I also want to be seen as an administrator within the building so whenever my eyes need a break from the computer screen, I take a walk around the building. I want my teachers and students to know IMG_0206[1]that I am there and that I will help whenever they are in need. I peek into classrooms waving at kids, smiling, and answering quick questions. I also tease and torment my most favorite kiddos. (Best part of the job!!!) I want the teachers used to seeing me so when I do walk-throughs for evaluations they feel comfortable and confident. I just love seeing their brilliance in action!

This is a new year for me for so many reasons. My feet are already aching, my mind is already filled to capacity, I am already stressing and thinking continuously, and I am already dreaming about my job. I love it!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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