About Lori and Amy

Lori and Amy started out as neighbors while staying home with their own children and found out they had a similar passion. They both loved teaching, especially the at-risk student. They developed and have grown over the years in their friendship and their careers. They are at the same school where Lori is now vice principal and Amy is a teacher. They have similar styles; both loud, sarcastic, and extremely dedicated with a deep love of what they do. With that passion they have become Two Teachers on the Edge, with their website, twitter feed, professional development presentations, and as authors.

With well over ten years professional experience in education, we have developed a great appreciation and understanding of the unique challenges children living in poverty create for a classroom teacher. Changes in home dynamics, challenging financial situations, and governmental regulations such as NCLB, voucher, and EdChoice scholarships are transforming the culture of our classrooms, not only in the inner city, but in the outlying suburbs. Therefore we must address these issues in our teaching styles. Today’s research by Eric Jensen, Belinda Williams, Tiffany Chane’l Anderson, Donna Walker Tileston, and Sandra Darling constantly refer to “closing the achievement gap”and ways to reach children suffering from poverty. The pressures of high-stakes testing and teacher evaluation have made teachers and administrators see the need to help these students succeed. This is a difficult population with multiple factors that result in teacher burn-out and attrition. We believe our workshops and blog reignites educators’ passion for their chosen profession by providing concrete tools to spur success.

It is time to reevaluate our beliefs about high quality education. We need to reexamine what the politicians and news media term “excellent” schools. We want to refocus our energies away from high stakes testing and back towards creating life-long learners and productive citizens. We want our children to become impassioned adults equipped with knowledge and ready to tackle this tough and exhausting world we are leaving in their care.

We believe that outstanding educators are the answer! We need to take back our power by standing strong in our beliefs and commitments to providing incredible educational experiences for our children. We have to be able to use our imaginations again and bring back the fun in our classrooms. Our students have to feel our genuine passion for our chosen profession.