Countdown to the Meltdowns!

Lori just wrote about all the work it takes to even fill out teaching applications. You are either too qualified, not qualified enough, have too much experience, the wrong kind of experience, or you didn’t answer one of the four tests how they wanted you to. So, you feel defeated, you think if you could just get someone to talk to you, if they could just see how passionate you are. Yet, you are just another applicant. It sure is an unpleasant rollercoaster ride!

I must continue to walk in faith. This year has been one of those years. As I think back to the new school year I cannot believe all the challenges and adversity my students and I had to face together. As a teacher you have to be the strong trusted individual that the students can rely on every day. My homeroom has certainly had its share of hardships, but we are a pretty close knit unit at this point. I guess we have banded together to support each other.

As the year nears the end the students become fearful of the unknown future once again. It is a much needed break for us teachers but the kids really need that stability and structure even if they don’t really want to be in school. They begin a “countdown of meltdowns” I like to say. The closer it gets to the end, the more fragile they become. The 8th graders especially are feeling it. They are stuck in a place between wanting a new environment and some freedom from their elementary school yet are full of apprehension the great abyss of high school.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Bring on the uphill climb!

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