Let The Games Begin

Lori has been going into school for almost a weekmy classroom since she has moved into the vice principal position along with teaching several classes. I went in today. I absolutely dislike the first day or two of getting my classroom ready. I walk around aimlessly moving things, then moving them again.

My classroom is across from the office so everyone stops in to say hi and we end up talking, which is not helpful for someone like me who is already walking in circles. Once I get going and things start to take shape I end up with everything done, but I am NOT an organized person and I am NOT able to visualize the end result.

I am so envious of the teachers who come in with an entire agenda and have their classrooms looking like DIY meets Pinterest on steroids. I feel like when the people go into the hoarders homes for the first time, where to begin, where to begin?

It will all get done and the students will come. I will love them, laugh with them, and ask them once again for their help. Nothing will be where I put it by Thanksgiving anyway, I teach middle school students, and they cannot leave anything alone.

Oh well, here we go again, another adventurous year in the upper school hallway.

Let the games begin!

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