Miracles Can Happen, Right?

This week has been an emotional one for me in an unexpected way. I lost a college friend to a massive heart attack. He was a great guy. He left behind a loving wife and 2 young children. His son is the same age as the students I now teach, so it saddens me to think this poor little boy will no longer have his dad.

I am lucky, my life moves on but with a heavy heart.

Then I saw a post about another childhood friend who has cancer. I know I am getting older but I guess I am not ready for this. I have so many fond memories of this particular friend; from kickball at recess, to school dances, to silly cheers on the sidelines at basketball games, and then there was always the sarcasm. I have been praying so hard. That is all I can do. I know this is just part of life but it still isn’t easy.

Please pray for my friend Jamey. Miracles can happen, right?



  1. Sending love and prayers. Losing a friend is really tough. You can count on my prayers for Jamey. Celeste

  2. Sending you prayers. I just buried a 53 year cousin yesterday who died suddenly. I feel your pain.

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