One More Project Before Break!

My class has just finished a huge biography project that produced some amazing essays, speeches, and posters. I was pleasantly surprised at how hard they worked, how much they learned about each other’s person, and how they kept making sure their information was accurate. It was a long, messy, and time consuming process; but well worth the effort. Many of the characters came to life, for example Betsy Ross, Rosa Parks, Bill Gates, and Jacqueline Kennedy to name a few. I am very proud of my students.

Being a teacher who likes project based learning, and might be slightly crazy, I thought it would be a great idea to introduce all of the components of graphic novels. So, for these two weeks before our spring break we are learning all about what it takes to create a great graphic novel. We are discovering the terminology, layouts, illustration techniques, and finally all of the elements of a novel.

We are now to the point where the students are creating their own. Wow, what a fabulous job they are doing. I was once again flabbergasted at their work. (Yes, I stuck that word in because they think it sounds funny).

I can’t wait to see the finished novels, I will post them on our TwoTeachersontheEdge Facebook page. This is what makes my job so much fun, the kids and watching their creativity come to life!

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  1. Kids learn so much more doing project based learning. Love hearing about your kids.

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