The Irony of Education

Amy and I were talking in the car. We were amazed at the hoops that educators have to go through just to apply for a job in their chosen field. Think about it for a moment. If you are in education then you know what I’m talking about. Let me break it down for you:

1. create a login and password for a district’s website (Always annoying and so darn hard to remember)
2. Fill out 25 pages of information!! (No lie and no exaggeration)
3. Within the application answer a vast number of essay questions that you will answer personally if you ever get an interview.
4. Take a personality profile timed test. (This makes me so stressed I am always positive that I fail it!) Oh, and by the way, it’s 30 minutes long.
5. Then the work history page. (On this page you have to fill in any teaching experience you’ve had including student teaching…no matter how many years it’s been – Amy wanted to say that her cooperating teacher was probably dead by now since she student taught almost 30 years ago!)
6. The willingness to be on committee’s and coach page – Yep, in addition to teaching full-time, you now have to be willing to do extra in order to be considered.
7. The Reference page – Here you have to give names, addressed, phone numbers, email addresses, and blood type (only kidding). You also have to upload recommendations from said reference
8. Then the upload page where you are expected to upload your teaching license (which requires very specific educational expectations in order to get in the first place.) You also have to upload your transcripts (although you wouldn’t have your license if you didn’t complete the requirements.) You also need to upload test scores from professional tests.
9. The next few pages are based on the premise that you could have been found guilty of a crime, been fingerprinted, lost a job, or are willing to admit any of this

Do you realize that these applications take hours and a resume is still needed! Doesn’t a resume almost contain the same exact information? Why is the repetition needed? And remember all of these requirements are needed to get a job that pays less than just about any other job with the same educational requirements. Not only that, but districts want you to have all the education and requirements, but won’t even look at you if you have too many years of experience because then you are too expensive. Finally, if you do get an interview, then you are grilled in front of an entire team of people. I was once at an interview with 12 people. How ironic…

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